Karaoke Party Bus

Do you love karaoke and dancing, but:

Come with us and host your own karaoke dance party right here on The Ultimate Party Bus. We will work with you to develop an itinerary that includes plenty of microphone time on the bus, plus a few stops at your favorite clubs and bars in between.

Karaoke is a great way to get all your friends together and sing all your favorite songs. It’s easy, addictive and since it’s your own private party bus, it’ll make for a more relaxed and fun experience.
Tampa, Orland, Jacksonville Party bus hosts Karaoke party
Make a list of everyone’s favorite songs to sing along with so we can make sure we are prepared for your party. Please note that we need at least two weeks to put together your playlist, so please plan accordingly!

Designate a host. It sounds simple, but with lots of people on board and eager to get the party started, things can get really hectic, really fast. Keep one person (or create a rotation so everyone gets to have fun!) to be in charge of the microphone and to keep order!

All guests are welcome to bring liquid courage on the bus if they’d like!

The Ultimate Party bus is proud to offer party bus service in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville as well as all surrounding areas. Please contact us today for more information.

We look forward to having the pleasure of serving you.
Karaoke Party Bus Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville