80’s Party Bus Theme!

Looking for a fun idea for your night on the party bus? How about an 80’s themed party! Use neon colors, acid wash denim, and popped collars, plus make-up and hair in the 1980’s was on the big, bright, and obnoxious side. 

80s theme on the Ultimate Party Bus

Costumes – There are so many options for costumes, from mall rat to 80’s rocker to the Material Girl. Check out these 80’s DIY costume ideas

Signature Cocktail – If your party will be adults consider serving an 80’s signature drink. For more ideas on that read here.

The cool thing about the 80’s was that people had a lot of hair to work with. The 70’s trend of growing out your hair, combined with the inventions of mousse and gel, made for some totally awesome hair styles.

Big Bangs – Madonna may have been the instigator of this trend, teasing out those bangs and loading them up with hair spray, mousse, and gel to make her forehead look like a drive-in movie theater!

Highlights – Frosted tips were hot in the 1980’s. We’re talking Billy Idol here people, be sure to gel it out big too.

Banana Clip – These were popular for about 5 minutes in 1986 and are an easy way to make your hair seem bigger than it is, which was pretty much the whole point of the 80’s.

Scrunchies – Hair scrunchies, basically a fabric covered elastic band for your hair and perfect for making a Side Ponytail like Deb’s from Napoleon Dynamite. No instructions necessary.

Music – For the music you can get inspiration from online playlists and also ask your friends to recommend a few of their favorites.

80's party bus favors

Party favors are always a fun treat and add to the ultimate party bus atmosphere: