6 Party Bus Tips

Renting a party bus is a big deal, make sure you get the most for your money and have a great night by keeping these tips in mind!

1. Get the most of the multimedia provided! Bring music on an iPod, phone , CDs or flash drive so that you know you have your favorites on board. Ask your guests to bring music as well and set up play lists online in advance. Slide shows and backdrops for the screens add a nice touch too!

Ultimate Party Bus Tampa offers the best multimedia experience possible.

2. Give the driver more than one contact in case someone loses their phone. Also make sure to communicate times to be back at the bus clearly to your guests. We recommend bringing printed itineraries to make sure everyone is on the same page. Keep a head count of your guests on your Party Bus so no one gets left behind at the end of the night.

Ultimate Party Bus Gainesville makes communication with driver easy so your night goes smoothly.

3. Plan your route! Your trip will go most smoothly if you plan in advance. You are welcome to make changes to your itinerary, but having something outlined to provide to your driver will make your night go smoothly. Always remember to add time for loading and unloading at each stop and for the additional time it will take these large vehicles to get from place to place.

Provide your ultimate party bus orlando driver with a detailed itinerary for a perfect night.

4. Communicate with your driver and make sure all of your guests are respectful. Your driver is there to make sure you all have fun, stay safe and get home without any issues. Make sure you program your driver’s number into your cell phone as well!

Ultimate party bus tallahassee provides safe, reliable drivers to ensure a perfect night for our guests.

5. Make sure that you have retrieved all your valuables off the bus at the end of the night! This includes cell phones, purses, car keys, cameras and coats. We are not responsible for any items left on board so please remind your guests to take everything with them when they get off the bus.

Stay safe and make sure to keep your valuables with you!

6. Remember that ONLY guests 21 and over are allowed to drink alcohol. Driver may request to check ID of anyone on the bus for any reason. Refusal to provide identification will result in the trip being canceled and no refund given. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside of the bus during the trip.

Drinking by guests 21 and over ONLY